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Neo Monsters (Play Now)

Neo Monsters is a next-generation monster battle RPG that takes the genre to new heights of strategy and gameplay.


As the player, you are cast in the role as the inheritor of your late uncle’s monster ranch. Explore the world to capture and train the ultimate monster team. Then, take your powered-up beasts online to test their might in a variety of game modes, including real-time PVP battles. Claim your place as the greatest monster trainer ever!
★ Over 900 fully animated monsters!
★ Explore a vast world and capture wild monsters!
★ Strengthen your team with a fun training system!
★ Master a variety of strategic monster skills!
★ Fight in league battles to become the Champion!
★ 48-hour single player campaign—with no waiting!
★ Optional online quests to fight massive bosses!
★ Test your monsters against other players in PVP!








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