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Protector: The Planes (Play Now )


Vast armies of evil march against you as fireballs and poison clouds fly overhead. Assemble an army of wizards and warriors, and bring all your magic and steel to bear against your foes. Protector: The Planes is the latest game in an epic tower defense series which has been played over 50 million times! Over 30% larger than the original version, Protector: The Planes contains amazing new features never before seen in the series. Unleash devastating super-powers such as the meteor strike, blizzard, poison nova and chain lightning to name a few. Employ the fearsome Chaos Knight once you have conquered the mortal realms. Experience 10 planar battles each with new game-play elements that drastically alter the strategies that work well in the mortal realms! Features include:


★10 units, each with a unique super-power
★32 maps to conquer
★New game-play mechanics in each Plane
★All new magical spell graphics
★4 difficulty modes to choose from
★Over 20 hours of game play
★Over 40 different enemies to encounter
★Game Center Support



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